Available Yak


Sire: SBR Rogue S066 | Dam: SBR Savannah T155

Karka-ta is a beautiful royal bull with such a personality! He is our current herd sire and now at four years old, has developed into a beautiful bull.  Handsome and mellow, he is easy to handle and a joy to be around. He has impeccable bloodlines of Dreadlock and Prince Allante. Link to pedigree



Sire: SBR Chet P112 | Dam: SBR Faye Y101

Sheeyak! She has quite a personality and is always right there wanting cookies and attention. She has won our hearts with her comedic and sweet antics. A large native black with a beautiful face, excellent bloodlines and conformation, Sheeyak is a proven mother. Her calves have great personality and looks. We love watching her romp around, being silly and mischievous. 



Sire: SBR Spud Z061 | Dam: SBR Cher Y102

Nila is a big, lovely native trim with a solid disposition and great size, conformation and fiber. We love her calm and gentle personality like her dam Cher. Nila has produced large and beautiful offspring and is an excellent mother. 


Sire: LDR Black Ember Q050 | Dam: LDR Whisper R038

Julie is Whisper's older calf and Rinchen's full sister. Julie has turned into a beautiful native trim with great fiber. We call her Komala, meaning "delicate" because she was so gentle when she took treats that it made our hearts melt. She is a bundle of sweetness and has produced calves with excellent fiber and temperaments. We love watching her run and jump with her flashy white tail. 


Sire: FW Black Ember Q050 | Dam: SBR Janice Q081

Neve was a 2015 Christmas gift from Janice Q081 and Ember Q050. She is a beautiful imperial trim. She has excellent conformation, fiber and is very mellow and sweet.