Yak Meat

Lean | Grass Fed | Nutrient Dense | Primal

Yak is a healthy and delicious, primitive red meat. Our yak meat is both delicate and flavorful while juicier than the meat of game animals, without the gamey flavor. Highly nutritious and lean, yak meat is darker red and higher in iron than many other red meats.

Our yak have a diet of grasses from Oregon mountain pastures at 4,000 feet elevation in the growing season and receive free-choice non-GMO alfalfa, grass and minerals in winter. Our high quality feed yields healthy, happy animals and exceptional meat, milk, and fiber. More information on yak meat and our program can be found here


Shipping and Custom Orders

We ship custom orders using FedEx. Shipments are completed Mondays and we require at least two business days prior to prepare custom orders. Your total purchase amount will include meat, carton, dry ice and shipping cost. We have a $100 minimum for custom orders.

Here’s how to place your order:

1. Email thefirebirdfarms.com with your selections (see menu below). Feel free to contact us with questions.

2. We will prepare your order and contact you with an invoice. We accept payment through paypal or with a credit card.

3. Once shipped, you will receive email confirmations with arrival details. Enjoy!