The Bull Pen


All about the bull

A bull makes up 50% of the genetics in a herd. For our breeding program, it is important that the bull is excellent in temperament, fiber, size and conformation.

THY Cee Lo Z092

Sire: SBR Ozzie P062 | Dam: THY Fergie S008

We are so excited and honored to continue the longstanding breeding program of Turkey Hill Yaks with the addition of this amazing bull. Cee Lo is one of our favorite bulls we have seen in the US and produces exceptional offspring. He has incredible fiber, producing wooly calves with a lot of usable down undercoat. We love his chiseled features, conformation and gentle behavior with his ladies. In addition to THY’s beautiful cows, Cee Lo will be bred to a larger herd of varied phenotypes. We look forward to continuing the THY legacy and seeing more offspring from this gorgeous dude.


Sire: SBR Dreadlock F199 | Dam: FW Allante Princess G034

Ember is our previous herd sire and the foundation of a handful of our breeding cows. He imparted his beautiful face, fiber and calm, gentle demeanor to his offspring. He was an imperial out of Dreadlock and Allante Princess. We feel lucky to have enjoyed this mellow beautiful bull and love his offspring! Link to pedigree


Sire: SBR Rogue S066 | Dam: SBR Savannah T155

Karka-ta is a beautiful royal bull with such a personality! He is a current herd sire and now at four years old, has developed into a beautiful bull. He is such a handsome and mellow guy, with impeccable bloodlines of Dreadlock and Prince Allante. Link to pedigree