The Bull Pen


All about the bull

As of 2018 we have retained many of the beautiful heifer calves from our previous herd sire Black Ember Q050. Ember imparted excellent bloodlines, fiber, and calm personalities in his offspring and we look forward to seeing what the next generation brings in perpetuating these traits.

Our current herd bull is Karkata B136. He is a sweet Royal with a sense of humor and beautiful horn set. He has grown immensely in the past year and we look forward to seeing his offspring.


Sire: SBR Dreadlock F199 | Dam: FW Allante Princess G034

Ember is our previous herd sire and the foundation of much of our pool of breeding cows. He imparted his beautiful face, fiber and calm, gentle demeanor to his offspring. He was an imperial out of Dreadlock and Allante Princess. We feel lucky to have enjoyed this mellow beautiful bull and love his offspring! Link to pedigree


Sire: SBR Rogue S066 | Dam: SBR Savannah T155

Karka-ta is a beautiful royal bull with such a personality! He is our current herd sire and now at four years old, has developed into a beautiful bull. He is such a handsome and mellow guy, with impeccable bloodlines of Dreadlock and Prince Allante. Link to pedigree