The Ladies


Janice is all yak. She is big, powerful and elegant with great conformation, a gorgeous face and lots of fiber.  She is level headed, smart and steadfast. Janice came from a wild herd in Montana and while she is gentle and tame with humans, we wouldn't want to be a predator around the herd with her in charge protecting her young. 


Sire: LDR Dr. Lock O086 | Dam: LDR White Gold J88

Whisper is an imperial trim and very friendly with a strong bossy side. Her nose is in your face when there are treats and she makes many grunting remarks in order to get them. During the rainy season she manages to often have a mud ball on each horn, and be covered in leaves and dirt. She earned her stripes by producing Rinchen, the first baby born on the ranch and an incredibly sweet calf. Whisper has classic Dreadlock and Prince Allante bloodlines and produces beautiful babies with great personalities and fiber. She has given us three gorgeous imperial heifers in a row, which we call the "Whisper Clan". 

SBR Savannah T115

Sire: SBR Royal Gold Allante O103 | Dam: SBR Shelby M037

Savannah was a bottle baby and is extremely tame, affectionate and hilarious. She has a unique personality and is so much fun. We are fortunate to enjoy her and always look forward to interacting with her when spending time with the herd.


Sire: LDR Black Ember Q050 | Dam: LDR Whisper R038

Julie is Whisper's older calf and Rinchen's full sister. Julie has turned into a beautiful native trim with great fiber. We call her Komala, meaning "delicate" because she was so gentle when she took treats that it made our hearts melt. She is a bundle of sweetness and has produced calves with excellent fiber and temperaments. We love watching her run and jump with her flashy white tail. 

SBR Sharon B006

Sire: SBR Ozzie P062  | Dam: SBR Shelby M037

Sharon is another beautiful yak from Spring Brook Ranch. She has a feminine, slender face and sweet, gentle personality. We have enjoyed watching her become more confident and take her place in the herd. 


Sire: SBR Chet P112 | Dam: SBR Faye Y101

Sheeyak! She has quite a personality and is always right there wanting cookies and attention. She has won our hearts with her comedic and sweet antics. Sheeyak is a native black and large for her age. We love watching her romp around, being silly and mischievous. 


Sire: SBR Ozzie P062 | Dam: SBR Indira Q032

Malina is a showstopper. Hailing from Spring Brook Ranch, she has long, luxurious silky fiber, a large frame, great conformation and sweet personality. We look forward to seeing what offspring she could produce. 



Sire: SBR Ozzie P062 | Dam: SBR Kasa Q030

Kesari is a half sister to Malina.  She is a quiet splendor and is developing into a beautiful cow. Kesari is from one of our favorite cows at Spring Brook Ranch, SBR Kasa. She is adorable, funny and a bit of an odd ball.

SBR Nila C048

Sire: SBR Spud Z061 | Dam: SBR Cher Y102

Nila is a big, lovely native trim. We love her calm and gentle personality like her dam Cher. Nila has produced large and beautiful offspring and is an excellent mother. 

FF Firestorm RINCHEN 

Sire: FW Black Ember Q050 | Dam: LDR Whisper R038

Rinchen is the first calf born on the ranch. Meaning "precious jewel" in Tibetan, Rinchen is a special yak. She acts like a tame dog, coming in for scratches, following us around while we work, wanting attention and love. She has terrific fiber, a gorgeous face and such a winning personality. She's a keeper! There's nothing like a yak hug on a cold day after work. If all of our babies end up like her, we won't want to part with a single one.

JF Athena 2D060

Sire: SBR Buck T165 | Dam: SBR Joy T024

Athena has a fabulous thunderbolt marking on her face and is such a sweet girl. A Buck daughter, she has the makings of greatness and we look forward to seeing her calves in 2020.

FF Firesnow Nevara 

Sire: FW Black Ember Q050 | Dam: SBR Janice Q081

Neve was a 2015 Christmas gift from Janice Q081 and Ember Q050. She is a beautiful imperial trim. She has excellent conformation, fiber and is so sweet.

FF FireStorm Nitara

Sire: FW Black Ember Q050 | Dam: LDR Whisper R038

Nitara is Rinchen's full younger sister, another beautiful heifer from the Whisper clan. She has a dense coat from the Dreadlock influence, taking after her Dad Ember. Her personality is sweet and mature for her age. 

SBR Kaitlyn 2E062-B1

Sire: SBR Buck T165 | Dam: SBR Kamey K082-B0

Kaitlyn is still a wee lass and so far has proven to be one of the most funny, friendly and personable yaks in the land. She will often act aloof but is then suddenly ten steps closer, pretending she is just grazing and not creeping up for affection. She is absolutely a love and will be stunning as she matures.

FF FireStorm Kiara

Sire: FW Black Ember Q050 | Dam: LDR Whisper R038

Kiara is the third beautiful imperial heifer in a row out of Ember and Whisper. She is just as adorable, friendly and sweet as her sisters, but with smoother fiber. As she matures, she continues to be the first one up for pets and is such a sweetheart. We love her!

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