About Yak Meat



The factors that led yak to evolve in the adverse conditions of the Tibetan plateau resulted in a superior meat animal. The meat has a higher iron and moisture content than beef, with a similar fat composition to that of bison or elk. However, yak steaks are juicier and more flavorful. Because of a high myoglobin level in the cells, yak meat has a darker red pigment than many other red meats.

Yak are smaller than commercial cattle breeds and bison and are more efficient grazers. Their lighter environmental footprint makes them a great alternative for small scale farmers and ranchers and a more ecologically viable red meat option for consumers.

A Nutrient-Rich Choice

Highly nutritious and lean, yak is an excellent option for people who are looking to diversify their diet, have sensitivities to other red meats, or simply want a lean, nutrient-rich protein source. Yak is a different bovine species than domestic cattle. Our customers who have protein absorption difficulties find yak to be beneficial. With a high iron content and healthy essential fatty acids, yak is not only healthy but delicious!



Our Program

Our yak graze on native grasses from Oregon mountain pastures located at 4,000 to 5,000 feet elevation and we feed free choice dairy quality non-GMO alfalfa and grass hay and minerals in the winter. We know that high quality feed yields healthy, happy animals and better meat, milk and fiber. Our yak are never given growth hormones, antibiotics (we only use antibiotics to save a life, never for butcher animals), and they enjoy a feedlot-free lifestyle. They receive love and care throughout their lives. We place a high value on the lives of our animals, and appreciate knowing that they are raised ethically.

Our yak never see a slaughterhouse and are initially processed on-farm by an Oregon Depart of Agriculture certified butcher. This is the most quick and ethical process for meat animals. The meat is then cut and packaged by an ODA certified local butcher, who takes great pride in his work. We collaborated to created a number of sausages, sticks and jerky using local and organic ingredients. We really value the quality of working closely with a local butcher and the ability to provide our customers with a number of specific cuts and artisan products.

Yak is considered an exotic species by the USDA, allowing us to do on-site field-kills and our yak meat is not currently USDA certified.

Our philosophy is that our lives are dependent on that of others and it is important to make the connection to what we are eating. Death is a part of life, and while this is not our favorite part of raising animals, we feel it is a service to our communities to provide products that we can trust, understand, be nourished by, feel good about and enjoy.

As a small farm business, we are pleased to offer delicious, high quality, healthy yak meat choices to you.