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Incredible & Enjoyable

Yaks are beautiful, funny, and intelligent animals, producing multiple products of value. With their nutrient-rich milk and meat, luxurious fiber, intellect, playfulness and sweet demeanor, they are a joy to raise. Their smaller size, efficient grazing and digestion makes yak lighter on the land than other bovine species such as cattle and bison. These combined qualities make yak an ideal animal for small to mid sized farms and ranches.

Originating in the Tibetan Plateau, yaks are fully equipped to brave through adverse weather conditions. They calve easily and are very protective of their young, eliminating predatory threat with their fierce horns.

Best of all, they can have social, entertaining, and endearing personalities that earn them an esteemed place on the farm. They are often seen running, leaping, and kicking their hind legs in the air while swishing their full tails.

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