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A farm life blog featuring recipes, cooking tips, yak care advice, legendary stories & musings on this incredible journey.

What started as three yaks and a dream has become my life. The herd is a source of joy, lessons in irony and what drives me to keep learning and exploring to share these meaningful experiences with you, my human friends.

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An Amazing recipe for Yak Pho


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Yak Pot Roast

I smiled at that thought, the feeling of excitement barely contained as I surveyed the still-bare garden after the crush of winter. I have been feeling the mamas’ bellies, covered in fur and their long skirts. They protrude in varying degrees of roundness. “Like furry blueberries” I laugh to myself. Just earlier today I felt a baby kick. Well, I think it was a baby. There are four stomachs after all, and a lot going on in there.


A Guide To Getting Yaks - Firebird Farms



A Guide To Getting Yaks

“When I first started raising yaks in 2014, I would have done anything to have access to a resource center for yak learning. The knowledge I’ve acquired over the years happened through a lot of hard work, ups and downs, and a hands-on experience raising yaks. I intend to help share my yak knowledge with others and be a guiding resource for my fellow adventure-seekers, homesteaders, ranchers, farmers and yak lovers.”

- Sophia Weiss, Founder & Owner of Firebird Farms


7 Things To Know About Yak Fiber - Firebird Farms



7 Things To Know About Yak Fiber

Thinking about owning a herd for fiber production? Read on to learn more about these 7 things to know about yak fiber. 


Flying With Penelope - Firebird Farms



Flying With Penelope

Here is a story from April 2019 about the day I got Penelope. I learned some things then that were very useful when I acquired 100 wild yaks in 2021 – but that is a story for another day.


One Morning - Firebird Farms



One Morning

These are yak, moving silently through my thoughts, through the plains and mountains. Grunting softly, calling to their calves, echoing a low guttural warning to the herd, grunting as they push each other in passing. 

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