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Adventure with Yak

The story unfolds

Our farm is located in southern facing hills outside Ashland, Oregon. We’re between 4,000 and 5,000 feet in elevation, an appealing ecology for yak. It’s a place of astounding beauty, about half forest and half meadow pastures. There’s calmly rolling hills, steep vertical ascents and endless skies. Nearby wildlife include deer, elk, bear, coyotes, mountain lions, foxes, bobcats, snakes, squirrels, skunks, and a wide variety of bird species.

What started with bare land and a dream has become a source of joy, dediction, hard work and an ongoing quest to work with the earth and animals to create a Right Livelihood. We are building this farm from the ground up. As our infrastructure and systems improve, our goals continue to be far reaching. What an adventure it is! We are working on a rotational grazing plan for building topsoil, seeding dryland areas and protecting natural water systems. Our ongoing education in systems design, yak care and land learning has been an incredible experience, one that we enjoy sharing with you.

We currently raise a herd of around 80 yak. Our focus is on quality, foundation animals of diverse bloodlines with excellent fiber, size, conformation and above all, temperament and personality. As a multipurpose animal with a lower environmental footprint than cattle and bison, yak fit well into our mountain property. We think they offer many opportunities for the future of small farms and ranches.

We do not currently offer tours, but are always happy to speak with yak enthusiasts and prospective yak owners. You can sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on farm happenings, blogs, recipes and products and follow us on social media for the latest in the yak lives here on the farm.

We offer nutritious yak meat products and quality yak breeding stock. Stay tuned for our adventures, stories and available products!

Many thanks
We have been fortunate to have close friends, family, business advisors, mentors and dream builders along the way who continue to support the unfoldment of this long standing dream.


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