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Children & Yaks

If you have children and want yaks, please consider some important details. Even the tamest yaks have horns and can easily injure children, often accidentally. If you do plan to add yaks to your human family, ask these questions and make sure the animals you are looking for will be safe for your family.

  • Do you have adequate fences to keep your children out of the yak pasture when you are not present?
  • Do you expect to have your children do chores around the yaks? At what age?
  • What training are you planning to do with your children to ensure their safety?
  • What rules will you have in place for being with the yaks?

In general, we highly recommend starting out with adults accompanying children with the yaks at all times. The sudden motions, noises and small size of our human kiddos can startle yaks quite easily, and they can be both curious and terrified. A curious yak is cute, but be careful of the horns! We recommend folks with families start out with smaller weanling yaks. As the yaks and kids grow together, they build a bond and respect. Providing the children are aware of how to act around yaks and are in control of their body language, there should come a point when they can be safe around the yaks. I still strongly recommend that it does not occur for a long time. Photos and videos you may see of ranchers’ children with their yaks are often the result of years of living together, teaching and training.

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