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Meat Production & Butchering

Raising yaks for meat is a rewarding endeavor. The meat is very delicious, clean, satiating and versatile, and wonderful as a family homestead meat, or for larger operations. However, there are some important things to consider when getting into raising yaks for meat. If you are looking to build a meat herd, whether it be for home use or a larger venture, genetics, productivity and build are equally as important as temperament. You may not need them to be social and human oriented, but they need to be easy to work, of sound mind and safe to handle. Color is of less importance. Good meat producing animals are large framed, or produce large bodied offspring with good growth rates and have good musculature on their forequarter and hind end. That generally means good conformation and overall excellent, sound animals. While these are not necessarily show quality yaks, they must have good genetics for size, productivity and soundness. Carcass weights are determined by both feed quality and the quality of the genetics. It may seem counterintuitive to pay more for animals being raised for meat, but our best stock used for producing good meat animals are, in our opinion, our best overall yaks.

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