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The Bull Pen

A bull makes up 50% of the genetics in a herd. For our breeding program, it is important that the bull is excellent in temperament, fiber, size and conformation. We have found that choosing the right bull is the single most important thing one can do to get the good results in offspring.

As with all yak, there are many different phenotypes and traits in bulls. We select only the very best candidates to continue the yak gene pool. Out of each calf crop, we may choose only one or two we believe will be worthy of the job. Temperament and physical traits are very important. The remaining males become steers, either for pets or the meat program, depending on their personality.

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This is a way for us to determine exactly which yak are right for you, and ensure your home is right for them. Just like us, yak respond uniquely to varying environments, levels of interaction, and herd size. 

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