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Yak Tongue

Those who enjoy dishes made with beef tongue will love the delicacy and richness of yak tongue. We have tried Spanish and Chinese recipes which were excellent. A favorite was...

Yak Liver

$8.00 — $12.00
Yak liver is more mild than beef and doesn't have the metallic flavor that beef liver sometimes has. It is a popular cut for people wishing to add a clean...

Yukpo Yak Jerky

A Korean style yak jerky with honey, sesame seeds and Korean chili pepper. A little spicy with a hint of sweetness, this is a unique and delicious jerky.

Yak Packing Pastrami Jerky

Love pastrami? Then you will enjoy this jerky seasoned with whole ground spices and packed with savory flavor.

Yak Sweet Ginger Jerky

A customer favorite! A twist on teriyaki style, this jerky has fresh organic ginger, organic sugar and tamari for a jerky that has just the right amount of sweetness and...

Yak Bone Broth

The most nutrient-dense and delicate yak bone broth for all of your braised dishes, soups and stews. Or heat it up and drink it straight! This broth is simmered for...

Yak New York Strip

$24.00 — $28.00
This cut has a dedicated following, and for good reason. It is a beautiful, exceptionally lean steak. It can be cooked on the stovetop, grilled, or sliced thinly and added...

Yak Flat Iron Steak

$80.00 — $165.00
This is an incredible steak for grilling. Absolutely delicious. If you know, you know.  If you don't know, we recommend this and Bavette as our top favorites. A slightly lower temp...

Yak Bavette Steak

This is one of our favorites! Also known as "Flap", this cut is absolutely beatiful on the grill with a simple rub and left rare in the center. It pairs...

Yak Stew Meat

Chunks of lean whole yak muscle ready for stews, pot pies, curries and braised dishes. Brown in a pan and add to your favorite recipes. Make sure to allow time...

Ground Yak Sirloin

Our ground yak sirloin is simple and refined. With 7% yak fat, it is lean like chicken breast, with a silky, delicate texture. It is absolutley amazing both as a...

Ground Yak Chuck

Our ground yak chuck is made from the forequarter of the animal and has a robust texture for a classic burger. With around 13% yak fat, it is flavorful and...
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